Acid Scientists by Acid Labs

Acid Scientists — Ex-Marvel artist designed 2nd NFT collection launches on Only1

Coming from Acid Labs — Creator of Acid Monkeys

3 min readOct 17, 2022


We are excited to announce Acid Scientists NFT will be launching on Only1 on 19 October 2022.

The Acid Scientists Collection will be introducing 8 Access Classes within the Lab, each with their own expertise. Discover and collect as they fulfill your fantasy with bio-weapon upgrades, insanity creatives and lecherous lingerie. The aim is to fuel the Acid Ecosystem through harvesting all the $ACID.

Mint details:

  • Quantity: 10,000 NFTs
  • Price: Acid Monkeys — 1.26 SOL; Whitelist — 1.78 SOL; Public — 2.1 SOL
  • Launch Model: Lottery for allocation. (see details below)
  • Max Ticket: Each wallet can deposit a maximum of 10 tickets (Acid Monkeys+Whitelist + public)
  • NFT per winning ticket: 1 Acid Scientists NFT
  • Launchpad Link:



Step 1 — Deposit SOL to enter tickets into the lottery

Each user will be eligible for a maximum of 10 tickets (Acid Monkeys list+ Whitelist + public). For every 3 Acid Monkeys NFT a wallet holds at the snapshot at 19 Oct 11:00 UTC, the wallet will receive 1 Acid Scientists NFT airdrop 3 days after NFT claim opens. Those who hold more than 30 Acid Monkeys NFT should transfer excess Acid Monkeys NFT to other wallets before the snapshot. Users will deposit SOL to enter their tickets into the lottery.

Lottery Ticket Deposit opens: 19 Oct 15:00 UTC

Step 2 — Pool Closes

Lottery Ticket Deposit Closes: 19 Oct 21:00 UTC

Example: Leon have 1 Acid Monkeys list, 2 whitelists and he’d like to enter for 6 NFTs in total, he’ll have to deposit 1.26 + 1.78*2 + 2.1*3 = 11.12 SOL by 19 Oct 21:00 UTC to enter those tickets into the pool.

Step 3 — Lottery

Lottery will take place shortly after the pool closes. Each winning ticket will receive 1 Acid Scientists NFT, and each losing ticket will have their deposit refunded. If there are 20,000 ticket deposited in total with 10,000 NFTs for lottery, then each ticket has a 50% of winning an Acid Scientists NFT. Note: Whitelist mints are prioritised.

Step 4 — Claim

Users can claim 1 unique Acid Scientists NFT for each winning ticket and are able to claim refunds for each ticket that did not win. Claims will not expire.

Claim opens: 20th Oct 00:00UTC

Example: Leon deposited 11.12 SOL for 1 Acid Monkeys list, 2 whitelist tickets and 3 public tickets; and he won 4 NFTs, 1 from Acid Monkeys list, 2 from whitelists and 1 from public. He would claim 4 Acid Scientists NFTs and 4.2 SOL back.

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