Introducing xMS — How Web3 Communicates

2 min readAug 12, 2022


Messenger is one of the most used app category. There are over 700 million active users on Telegram and 150 million on Discord. Each messenger dominates a specific niche, gamers prefer Discord, and Signal is for those who prefer strong encryption. xMS — “cross messaging service” is the messenger for all web3 users, brought to you by Only1, Bonfida, and Notifi Network.

What is xMS

Unlike other messengers, xMS will be an open source framework that is easy to integrate into any application for free where users will not be monetised. xMS will strive towards a multi-chain future where users can communicate across apps and ecosystems. Say good bye to walled-gardens and centralised corporations, this is the new web3 messaging standard.


  • Off-chain wallet-to-wallet messaging
  • On-chain messaging
  • Cross-chain capabilities (Starting with Solana and Ethereum)
  • End-to-end message encryption
  • Notifications
  • SNS Integration
  • Groups and channels with option to token-gate
  • Badges and profiles
  • more to come!

Try it yourself, here are the links (they’re interoperable):

Only1 — Onboarding users

Any user of xMS will also be a user of Only1

Meta has Facebook Messenger, Only1 has xMS.

Only1 aim to be used by not just the web3 users, but also the masses as the web3 social platform. Creators can earn by launching memberpass NFTs and posting exclusive content. Together with Bonfida and Notifi Network, xMS will be integrated with other applications to allow seamless and cross-chain communication. And any users of xMS will also have a profile on Only1.

The future of social is web3, adoption is coming, and it starts now.

About Only1

Only1 is a web3 social platform where users earn by engaging, and can launch memberpass NFTs and post exclusive content for members. Only1 offers a web 3.0 solution to creator economy and fan engagement, decentralisation is coming to social media.

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