Only1 App Launch: Future of Creator Economy & NFT Launchpad

4 min readSep 10, 2021

Patreon on Solana. Launching 30th of September

  1. Creator staking pool APY changes according to their social media activities
  2. Creator and Genesis-NFT owner both earns a % of the Creator’s TVL
  3. Initial NFT Offering (INO) Launchpad, all $SOL raised will be used to buy back $LIKE to reward early platform users

The more active you are, the more you earn.

Social Media Is Broken

Social media firms profit heavily off their creators, yet they’re treated like they’re expendable. From constantly shifting rules to random algorithm changes, creators are at the whims of centralized firms that can even ban their accounts overnight — shutting down their source of income in an instant.

However, creators are stuck between a rock and a hard place: they need social media to promote their work, yet the platform doesn’t reward them for their effort. Directing traffic to a separate, independent platform is complex, and building a new platform is extremely costly.

The fans know this, and that’s why community-driven social media like Patreon are growing at a rapid pace. But while these platforms grant more freedom, many fans are gated by geographical blocks or monetary barriers.

Put simply, social media is broken and needs an update.

The Rise of Decentralization, NFTs…and Only1

The above reasons are why we’ve seen NFTs grow at a rapid pace. Creators can let their work do the talking and get rewarded at fair market prices. Moreover, blockchain’s decentralized nature means artists aren’t confined to the rules of centralized social media platforms.

But current NFT trends may not suit influencers who produce content in various forms such as long-form videos, audio, or clips. So, where should a creator go to leverage the best of both worlds? To access the structure and low barrier to entry of social media platforms with the freedom and flexibility of blockchain.

An open-sourced, decentralized, NFT-powered platform like Only1 is the answer.

Embracing The Creator Economy

Only1 is the first NFT-powered social platform built on the Solana blockchain. Mixing social media, NFTs marketplace, a scalable blockchain, and the native token — $LIKE, Only1 offers fans and creators a unique way of connecting with each other.

By using the Only1 platform, fans will have the ability to invest, stake, and earn from the contents created by the world’s largest influencers/celebrities, all powered by NFTs.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Only1 will be launching on the 30th of September!

Democratizing Social Media: Rewarding Creators and Fans!

Only1 fully embraces the creator economy by proportionally rewarding creators and fans for simply using the platform …

Creator Staking Pool & Genesis NFTs

  1. Mint: When a creator joins Only1, a Genesis NFT will be minted for them, there is only 1!
  2. Bid: Fans can bid on the unique NFT on the Only1 NFT Marketplace with Only1’s native token, $LIKE. Bid $LIKE tokens are burned to reduce $LIKE’s supply and create buying pressure.
  3. Stake: Fans can also stake $LIKE tokens and earn interest on their coins in influencer-specific staking pools. Both the fan and the creator split staking rewards!

Initial NFT Offering (INO) Launchpad — 7th October

From ICO to IEO & IDO, introducing Initial NFT Offering (INO), a novel cryptocurrency fundraising innovation that involves offering 10,000 unique NFTs for sale via Only1 INO Launchpad. All $SOL raised will be used to buyback $LIKE to reward our early investors & communities.

Read more about Initial NFT Offering (INO) here

Only1 Initial NFT Offering details here


The blockchain is all about innovation and disruption and at Only1, our mission is to do the same but with social media. We seek to reward creators and fans wholly, and proportionally embrace the creator’s economy through NFTs and DeFi. Through the technology, NFT streams, and upcoming updates in our pipeline, we genuinely believe we’re set to revolutionize social networking in ways no one has before.

Only1 is launching on 30th of September.

About Only1

Only1 is the first NFT-Powered Social Engagement Platform built on the Solana blockchain. Only1 enables users to trade, earn interest, and support their favorite creators through the blockchain. Seamlessly bridging the gap between art, DeFi, and NFTs.

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