Only1 Early Access Launch & Competition

3 min readFeb 24, 2023

The wait is over, we are excited to launch early access on 17 March with a $10,000 prize pool competition. Here is everything you need to know.

We have been building in relative silence, now it is time we invite everyone to experience the future of web3 social media — with a focus on creator monetisation. Early access will first be opened to 100 selected users (see registration details below) with a new campaign with $10,000 prize pool — Only100 Competition.

Early Access Launching 17 Mar

Only1 is a social platform for creators to monetise their fanbase by content gating using Passes. Passes are semi-fungible tokens on the Solana network.

Gary Vaynerchuk famously launched VeeFriends where holders are able to engage with Gary directly. Content gating with digital collectibles is a growing user behaviour but the launching process is difficult and has a fragmented user journey (build mint site, launch on 3rd-party marketplace, engage in Discord and Twitter). We enable any creator to do that in under 30 seconds for $0 on a single platform.

Early Access feature unlock: Passes Launch

Public features: Passes market, social profile, messenger, my passes, content feed etc

Apply for Early access here.

Only100 Competition Details

During early access period, we are rewarding early users with certain achievements such as Passes sales, or trading volume. Each of the 5 winning categories below will have 10 Ranks, giving a total of 50 winners to share the $10,000 prize pool.

Event start: 17 Mar 00:00 UTC

Event Finish: 14 April 00:00 UTC

How to Participate: Apply here by 17 Mar 00:00 UTC

5 Winning Categories: Most interesting content, Most Sales from Passes launched, Most Trading Volume, Most social media shares, Best Product Feedback

Prizes (per winner):

Rank 1: 300 USDC + $300 in LIKE

Rank 2: 200 USDC + $200 in LIKE

Rank 3 to 5: 100 USDC + $100 in LIKE

Rank 6 to 10: 40 USDC + $40 in LIKE


  1. Each participant can only win 1 prize. If the wallet is entitled to 2 prizes, team will pick the prize that is higher in prize rank.
  2. Most interesting content are judged by number of engagement and subjective review by team and community.
  3. Most Sale from Passes launched and Most Trading Volume are calculated by USD value at the end of competition, not quantity of Passes.
  4. Most social media shares requires users to share the tweet, post or story screenshot to the ONLY100 Share discord channel (enabled on 17 Mar)
  5. Best Product Feedback requires users to submit feedback to feedback form (enabled on 17 Mar)
  6. Only early access participants can launch Passes. Applications will be accepted on rolling basis.
  7. Users applied to participate using the link above will be selected based on criteria such as social media activities, authenticity, web3 proficiency, and positivity.
  8. Only early access participants can launch Passes. But winning categories Most trading volume and Best product feedback prize can be won by both early access users and non-early access users.
  9. Unoriginal or spammed content will disqualify the user from winning the Most interesting content prize.
  10. Cyberbullying, fraud, and impersonation will not be tolerated. Any user suspected of such behaviour will be subject to internal review and potentially ban.
  11. Only1 has integrated Google Vision AI to automatically detect & ban illegal contents such as violence, child pornography, and substance use.

We will be posting exciting updates on our 2023 roadmap, whitepaper, LIKE tokenomics and more leading up to early access launch on 17 Mar. Stay tuned!

About Only1

Only1 is a web3 paid social network where creators earn by launching Passes and posting exclusive content for members. Only1 offers a web3 solution to creator economy and fan engagement.

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