Only1 Roadmap & Passes Feature Details

The Web3 OnlyFans is about to take over

3 min readNov 14, 2022


The creator Economy is a $100B+ industry that has been evolving very quickly driven by attention and access. There are many ways creators can monetise their fanbase on various platforms including Instagram product placements, Twitch streams, Patreon and OnlyFans subscriptions etc. Blockchains today are finally scalable enough for mainstream adoption of consumer layer applications, a web3 social network is surely going to be one of the booming verticals in 2023.

Launching NFT collections for fans to gain access to creators is a new and growing user behaviour. Gary Vaynerchuk launched VeeFriends and generated over $10M. Irene Zhao launched IreneDAO and generated over $5M. It is an impressive source of income for the creators, and the fans get exclusive membership-like access to the creator while being able to win with the creator as the price of these tokens increase.

But why isn’t there more creators doing this?

  1. Difficult. Most content creators find it challenging to operate a crypto-wallet and to understand the concept of token-gating
  2. Expensive. Hiring a team to mint your NFT and build the storefront or use a third-party launchpad costs a lot
  3. Multi-platform. Providing exclusive access to fans with the NFT requires multiple platforms like Twitter and Discord with custom bots

Only1 aim to make this easy, fast and cheap for everyone.

Introducing Passes by Only1

Creators can launch their own versions of VeeFriends or IreneDAO for free in under 1 minute even without prior crypto experience. How is how it works:

  1. Sign in with your email
  2. Click Launch Passes
  3. Input Details (Passes name, description, supply, price and currency)
  4. Launch it and now your fans can buy it and access your exclusive content. Simple!

Roadmap and Details

We value code quality and security very highly, especially after the recent hacks and exploits across the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our Solana programs are audited by Kudelski Security. For this reason, we have been prioritising quality over speed, below are our updated estimations on feature releases:

November 2022

  • Major user interface improvements including moving main navigation to the left instead of the top
  • Users will be able to leave comments under posts
  • Integrate Google Vision API to detect explicit content (note: users can choose to view explicit content if they wish, Only1 only bans illegal and malicious content)
  • User report and banning system

December 2022

  • Passes will launch on Devnet for testing to ensure no smart contract level bugs occur, again, security is our highest priority
  • Passes marketplace for users to trade Passes from different creators
  • Notifications for users to be made aware of their recent engagements with other users on the platform
  • We value user experience and our goal is for users to achieve their objective in as little time as possible (for creators to make money and fans to view quality content). We will implement email sign-in and on-ramp solutions to reduce onboarding friction especially for users from web2. We are experimenting with Magic-Link and Web3Auth.

January 2023

  • Passes will launch on mainnet for all to use, sign in with email and pay with credit card. If Gary Vaynerchuk can launch VeeFriends and make $10m, then so can you!
  • Only1 will partner with talent management companies to bring on the best creators from around the world to experience the future of the Creator Economy.
  • Only1 platform is powered by $LIKE, 20% of platform revenue (20% of all initial Passes sale, 2.5% of secondary sale and 2% marketplace platform fee) will be spent monthly to buyback and burn $LIKE. The more creator, the more token buyback. Full utility of $LIKE or The Ones NFT in the ecosystem will be discussed in later articles.

About Only1

Only1 is a web3 paid social network where creators earn by launching Passes and posting exclusive content for members. Only1 offers a web3 solution to creator economy and fan engagement.

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