Secret Skellies Society from NEAR Protocol goes Multi Chain to Solana and launches on Only1

3 min readSep 16, 2022


Enter the ‘Skellieverse’ with holders of Skellies, Grimms and the Undead Army

We are excited to announce Secret Skellies Society will be launching on Only1 on 22 September 2022.

Secret Skellies Society is a project that was created on the NEAR Blockchain back in January 2022 and is now expanding multichain to Solana. The project also built the ‘Skellieverse’ multi-chain NFT portfolio tracker app available on iOS and Android that covers NEAR, Solana, Ethereum and Polygon. The collection, made up of 5001 randomly generated NFTs is split into 3 equal-sized sub DAOs based on NFT metadata. Each NFT will bring the holder voting rights and a stake in the DAOs ‘Crypt’ $$$.

Mint details:

  • Quantity: 5,001 NFTs
  • Price: 1.5 SOL
  • Launch Model: Lottery for allocation (see details below)
  • Max Ticket: Each wallet can deposit a maximum of 10 tickets (Whitelist + public)
  • NFT per winning ticket: 1 Secret Skellies Society NFT
  • Launchpad Link:



Step 1 — Deposit SOL to enter tickets into the lottery

Each user will be eligible for a maximum of 10 tickets (total). Users will deposit SOL to enter their tickets into the lottery.

Lottery Pool opens: 22 Sep 14:00 UTC

Example: Dan has 2 whitelist, and he’d like to enter for 5 NFTs in total, he’ll have to deposit 2 whitelist ticket, and 3 public ticket into the pool (The system automatically calculates 1.5 x 5=7.5 SOL) by 22 Sep 16:59 UTC.

Step 2 — Lottery Deposit Closes

Lottery Deposit closes : 22 Sep 16:59 UTC

Step 3 — Lottery

Lottery will take place shortly after the pool closes, claim of winning NFTs or refund will be available after 5 hours at 22 Sep 21:59 UTC. Each winning ticket will receive 1 Secret Skellies Society on Solana, and each losing ticket will have their deposit refunded. If there are 10,002 public tickets deposited in total, then each ticket has a 50% of winning a Solana Secret Skellies Society NFT.

Step 4 — Claim

Users can claim 1 unique Solana Secret Skellies Society NFT for each winning ticket and are able to claim refunds for each ticket that did not win. Unclaimed NFT or refund will not expire.

Claim opens: 22 Sep 22:00 UTC

Example: Dan deposited 7.5 SOL for 2 whitelist ticket and 3 public tickets; and he won 3 NFTs, 2 from whitelist. He would claim 3 Solana Secret Skellies Society NFTs and 3 SOL back

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